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Anadem is an electronic music producer from Ireland. His music has been described as “ethereal and introspective” with productions that “transcend conventional boundaries”. 


Anadem’s debut EP ‘Coral Canvas’ climbed to No. 9 in the Downtempo & Organic House Chart on Beatport and his music has been praised by DJs and producers such as Molac, Greenage, Jozef K, Tom Novy & Andy Woldman.

"I try to capture the moods and emotions I'm feeling at the time in my tracks. I suppose it's inevitable in a way, for the music you create to be shaped by how you are feeling.

My hope is that the emotions I put into my tracks are experienced on some level by those who listen to them, whether that be in the club or at home."

He showed a love of making music from an early age and so his parents decided to send him for piano lessons at the age of seven. He began collecting records soon after at just ten years of age and had started DJing at events by 16. Increasingly drawn to the emerging electronic music scene of the 90s, he witnessed the birth of underground dance culture in Ireland and featured on the bill alongside names such as Justin Robertson.

He set that part of his musical life aside for a time after being offered a place in a classical music degree. While there he studied a number of instruments, including piano and voice. Encouraged to explore different forms of composition, he took his first steps into production. 

Anadem draws on a wide array of musical experiences in his productions. His classical background sees minimalist composers such as Philip Glass and Arvo Pärt having a significant impact on his approach and style. Others major influences include artists on the deeper and creative side like Jon Hopkins, Ryan Davis and Stimming.

"It almost brought me to tears. Precious!"
Molac - Melody of Soul & The Soundgarden

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