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Niall Crowley, also known by his artist name 'Anadem', is an electronic music producer from Ireland. 


Born in Waterford, Niall was steeped in music from an early age. He showed a strong interest in making music and so (after a toy drumkit and piano-recorder would no longer cut it) his parents decided to send him for piano lessons at the age of seven. 

He began collecting records at just ten years of age and had started DJing at events by 16. Increasingly drawn to the burgeoning electronic music scene of the 90s, in particular European Trance and American House, he witnessed the birth of the underground dance scene in Ireland.


Niall chose to set this part of his music persona aside for a time after being offered a place in a classical music degree. While there he studied a number of instruments, including voice, and took his first steps into electronic music. Niall was encouraged to explore different forms of composition and an introduction to minimalist composers, such as Philip Glass and Arvo Pärt, continues to have a significant influence on his approach and style within his own productions.

Niall draws on this wide array of musical influences and experiences in his tracks. Light and shade is a key component of his music; dark subdued moments are contrasted by climaxes of colour and energy. His productions have been described as being direct and expressive, conveying emotion through the simplest of means.

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